Autistic Foreign Teenager Scoffs American Senators, Taken Seriously

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Tuesday, September 17th, on Capitol Hill:

The United States Senate’s Climate Change Task Force invited a number of children activists for a demonstration to accompany their session on Capitol Hill that day. The group of mostly Democrat politicians achieved the stunt with ample media presence and a special appearance from Greta Thunberg, an autistic sixteen-year-old Swedish environmentalist extolled for pushing radical globalist policies in the name of climate change (1,2,3).

The little foreign girl rudely scoffed senior politicians on this her first public appearance in the United States, bluntly saying, “they weren’t trying ‘hard enough’ to tackle the climate crisis. ‘Sorry.'” (1) Climate Task Force Chair (4) Ed Markey (D, Massachusetts), recent co-sponsor of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, the resolution projected to be at least 7.8 times more costly than F.D.R.’s New Deal (5,6) after inflation, tritely showered Thunberg with bombastic praise.

“Please save your praise, we don’t want it,” demanded Thunberg. “Don’t invite us here to tell us how inspiring we are without doing anything about it. We don’t want to be invited to these kinds of meetings because, honestly, they don’t lead to anything,” she remarked around an army of fixated reporters. The day prior, she met with previous president Barack Obama in another high-profile exchange, highlighting her visit launched by the conspicuous trans-Atlantic crossing in a “zero-emissions sailboat.” Markely tried gracefully backpedaling at the unexpected lack of courtesy that Tuesday, assuring the child activists that they too could one day become politicians to champion climate activism. “We don’t want to become politicians, we don’t want to run for office,” the Swedish girl retorted to the American representative. (7)

Greta Thunberg is a known high-functioning autistic adolescent with OCD, communication difficulties via selective mutism, and a history of self-inflicted starvation. Autism alone is a condition known to create a social deficiency within effected persons, making it difficult to understand nonverbal and implied gestures beyond the simple spoken word. (3) Despite repeated references to ” unite behind the science,” (8) Thunberg admits to being influenced during more formative years by adult teachers in a previous interview: “My interests about the climate and the environment began when I was maybe ten years old, and my teachers in school told me that there’s something called climate change and global warming. And it’s caused by humans and our behavior.” (9) Senator Markey emphasized his desire to influence young minds on the alleged effects of climate change. He insisted that, “Young people are the army politically, which has arrived in the United States.” (2)

After two consecutive insults, Markey proceeded to take the unimposing Swedish teen and media-covered convergence quite seriously, promising that the Task Force will “redouble our efforts.” He wrote on Twitter later that day, saying:

By failing to take meaningful action on climate, our leaders failed the young people of the world. A generation of leaders owes our youngest generations an apology & a commitment to finally take the bold action we’ve failed to achieve. Proud to join young climate activists today. (1)

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