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The Yellow Mainstream Media: the Power of Bias

The vast majority of Americans are far more susceptible to media narratives than they think. Long ago, media once understood the power their business gave them over their countrymen. They understood the power behind their decisions: because they’re only human (like us), no publisher can

On Being Right

The man who wishes in sincerity to be right in all he thinks and does is the very best kind of man because he is must be right even if he must prove himself wrong. He questions everything, yet when he comes to believe something,

On the Current State

I intend to lay out the woes of our modern world and the solution to these great ills which infest our great and noble civilization like a cancer. We have been beguiled by the mindset in which we have been indoctrinated since our births, that

Milk Before Meat

Nobody is going to be happy with this web site. With its launch alongside the new Laureate Gazette, I bring it to our readers’ attention that we have dedicated an entire venture to pitching a hard truth that will satisfy no one’s tilt. The feedback