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Meet the Staff

AMS leadership is currently organizing a dedicated staff for the Gazette’s. That means we want more contributors than you currently see here. Want to become involved? We’re looking for new people: apply at the bottom of the page!


An aspiring entrepreneur, Mr. Bachmann studied a Thomist liberal arts program at St. Mary’s College and pursues amateur interests in ecclesiastical music and scholastic philosophy. He serves as Regent for the American Monarchist Society, along as its webmaster, Chief Editor for Laureate Gazette, and webmaster for St. Jude Roman Catholic Church of Philadelphia.

Mr. Williams is a Catholic convert, former novice monk at Saint Leo Abbey, and currently serves in the Mississippi National Guard, wherein he fought oversees. Benjamin founded the American Monarchist Society and pursues an interest in philosophy.

Want to be a Contributer?

The Gazette is looking for good writers, journalists, and investigators who share our convictions to join the team. Prior experience with article writing or publication is highly preferred. Please fill out the form below to submit an application, and be sure to tell us why you’re a good fit with our team. If you know somebody you would like to suggest who is not yourself, please submit a detailed message about your Gazette recommendation.