The Yellow Mainstream Media: the Power of Bias

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The vast majority of Americans are far more susceptible to media narratives than they think.

Long ago, media once understood the power their business gave them over their countrymen. They understood the power behind their decisions: because they’re only human (like us), no publisher can possibly publish everything that happens in the world. Only God is omniscient, after all. They are forced to publish some things to the exclusion of others. It’s inevitable that these publishers need to decide what is most important to show their audience. They need to make value judgments on what’s worth putting the effort into, and what doesn’t make the cut for their reporting. That means that all publishers have some of bias because bias is defined as, “an inclination of temperament or outlook.” Even if that bias is oriented towards higher truths, it still implies that the author in question will be biased against things like useless, misleading, or deceitful publications. By defining it this way, some biases are quite good to have. There simply is no such thing as an unbiased media outlet or publisher. The nature of the business requires a bias one way or another. It’s even the reason most people begin to write in the first place. “Impartiality” in journalism usually implies a dangerous lack of understanding behind what motivates writers to create.

Knowledge is especially powerful because of its scarcity, so what mainstream media chooses to publish becomes the stuff which forms the readers’ understanding. It’s common sense that people naturally trust authoritative figures, others who’ve been presented to know better than ourselves. So when mainstream media assumes that authority by their nature, people look to them for the important issues. The value decisions publishers make in selecting their content is assumed by the audience, which need not occur willfully. Most Americans are not scholars, so we immediately consume that media because we don’t know better. They don’t have to know better. The knowledge we find in the news is sufficient for things that do not concern us directly. The shame isn’t that all us citizens are not scholars, but that the authority in our current mainstream media has betrayed the trust given to them in the first place.

Our current mainstream media is in the wrong. Over the past half century, a cultural Marxist, socialist, Zionist cabal has formed within American media. Companies are close-knit or owned by the same few businessmen. The corpus of these companies’ work betrayed an obvious political and ideological bias. Throughout the most recent election cycles, it’s been abundantly clear that their reporting has had no other aim but to justify a socialist, globalist elite. Everything that McCarthyism fought is advertised as the latest American fashion. Since the turn of the century, there’s been almost no effort made to hide it, and they grow bolder still. Countless authoritative print publications, articles, videos, podcasts, and social media posts lather their readership in obscure, self-contrived non-issues, as if all society were on the brink of extinction if this one problem (which can’t seem to be objectively proven) doesn’t get all of the tax money, or all of Americans’ civil rights, or all of American morality. We are at the epitome of yellow journalism. Many intellectuals and alternative media have pointed it out for quite some time. However, the current mainstream media still receive vast support, because it’s only natural for most men to respect the authoritative figure. This leaves alternative solutions to scorn when they speak rightly about this current crisis. American minds are being formed by harmful, unnatural, un-Christian ideologies, and we seem very helpless to do anything about it.

But the problem lies in the solution. Mainstream media aren’t bad because they’re mainstream. Hierarchy is as natural as man’s respect for the authority that comes with it. It’s an objective fact, empirically demonstrated by the trust which so many place in the partisan, bold-faced lies that mainstream media churns out, and for no other reason but to adhere to that authority, to obey that hierarchical, social norm of today. To express it in a vulgar tongue, “You gotta be with the times. It’s 2019.” It’s a crisis of those in leadership, then. Not the role, but those who occupy the chair have chosen to rot to the core. They need to be unseated. New outlets need to become mainstream, and business practice needs to change – along with how people perceive media and their information – so that this tragedy doesn’t have wiggle room in apathy to return a second time. While the solution is difficult to achieve, its idea is altogether simple: leadership requires that people follow. So, to make void the leadership of bad men, the public needs to stop “platforming” them, if you will. The populist mentality floating around in the United States makes this insurmountable crusade a little easier, compounded with the fact that a significant portion of Americans are already disenfranchised by mainstream opinions. They just don’t know what to do or where to go. That’s probably our fault. Alternatives are on the fringe, not just in opinions or numbers, but in the way we’ve organized ourselves so far. We’ve not been united, calculated, and methodical with our approach, but fractured, disjointed, and reactionary. If we’re going to get on top of things, we ourselves need to do a better job. 

One immediate solution which I would like to propose is quite simple, and likely something which many of us already do: to deplatform the mainstream leadership as leaders, we simply abandon their services. They won’t be important, they won’t have a voice, they won’t have revenue if people simply stopped paying them heed. But like the method which is required of us to overcome yellow mainstream journalism, so this effort should be methodical, too. We should all pledge a committed boycott of mainstream media which tampers with news, and consequently the truth which normal Americans are exposed to. If it’s unacceptable to do as they do, than how is it any more morally permissible to support them?

Please join me in signing our petition to Boycott the mainstream media here.

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